CPL / Concealed Pistol License

What to expect:

The Concealed Pistol License instruction will provide participants with what they will need to be able to obtain a Michigan CCW, CPL or Concealed Pistol License. Most classes will be offered on a Saturday or Sunday. Class is $125.00 with $50.00 non refundable deposit with cancelation. Private Classes also available upon request. Discounts offered to groups, LE, Military, First Responders, Clergy and Teachers. We are currently running an $95.00 Winter special (4% charge added for Credit Cards)

We now offer Firearms Rental: $ 5.00 this includes firearm. Ammunition can be purchased at the range.

Class dates are subject to cancelation or change in case of unforeseen events, if this happens you may join next class or earliest convince class.

This class provides instruction in:
  • Firearms Safety in the home.

  • Making your home a safer place.

  • Concealed pistol carry in public.

  • Firearms Laws for the State of Michigan

Items you will need to bring with you to class. ( Leave all firearms and Ammunition in your vehicle).

  • Target ammunition. (no magnum guns or ammunition allowed)

  • Ear and eye protection.

  • A Pistol for the range. ( minimum caliber .22LR )

  • Pen and note pad.

  • No magnum calibers, black powder or single action pistols are allowed for this class

  • Experience with a firearm for this class is preferred and be 21 years of age. ( If you are a new shooter we also will be offering First Steps and Basic Pistol Classes. )

  • Factory ammunition must be used. NO RELOADS!

New Shooter First Step / Basic Pistol Class  

This Class is designed to provide you with a basic knowledge of pistol safety and shooting skills. A discount of $25.00 will be deducted from you CPL Class if this class is taken first. This class is between 2 and 3 hours depending on class size. Cost of this class is $75.00 with a $35.00 non refundable deposit required. $50.00 Winter Special.

Instructors will be evaluating for safety and competency in the range portion of the class. Any person who fails to comply with this instruction will be asked to leave the range and will forfeit their payment for the class.