Advance Pistol


 Advanced Pistol Classes

Course Objective:  $125.00

To teach advanced concepts of certain fundamentals necessary for proper deployment of a defensive pistol. This course is NOT meant to get students up to a "master" level of proficiency in one course.  It is meant to teach certain concepts so that students learn a basic understanding and then are able to practice at their on pace.

     Review of Fundamentals

     Deploying your Weapon

     Follow-through / Multiple shots on target

     Clearing malfunctions while on the move

     Shooting on the move

     Shooting from cover

     Developing a Defensive Mindset

     Shooting with a flashlight

     Shooting in low light condition

     Shooting using different optics

     To learn and have a great time

Equipment Recommended:

     Eye and Ear Protection

     Handgun (preferably carry gun)

     3 magazines

     Concealed-carry holster

     150 rounds of ammunition


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Grand Rapids, MI