AR-15    101 Course

Intro to the AR-15 Course

Defensive Shooting Skills would like to Welcome you to the AR-15 Basic 101 Course. This class is designed for the individual firearm owner or anyone looking to learn how to use the AR-15 platform

Course Objectives:

To give you a general understanding and operations of the AR-15 rifle.

• How to dissemble and reassemble the AR-15 rifle.

• How to perform basic maintenance on the AR-15 rifle.

This course is designed to give the Shooter a basic understanding in addition to teaching the student  to learn how to incorporate the AR-15 platform in conjunction with a home defense plan through simple drills and practice.

This is an intro course; the goal isn’t to train you for combat or competition. Our goal is to provide the student with the information and skills needed to work the AR-15 platform. 

Class Costs: $85.00 

Equipment Needed:

• 1 AR-15 of any brand

• 2 magazines (20 or 30 rounders’)

• 50 rounds non .22LR ammunition. (5.56/.223/.308 etc)

• 3.5-4 hour class

• 4 students per class – 18 years of age and up

• Cost $75 paid in full at sign up ($35 of the total is nonrefundable nontransferable)


This is the only “optional” AR-15 course. The 201, 301, & 400 level classes must be taken in sequence as they require skills based in the 101 & 201 level classes.