Instructor Courses

USCCA Instructor Certification


The price listed is a combination of the USCCA's E Learning. The Instructor toolkit is ($250) and the tuition for the course ($347). Total cost for class is $597. ( Toolkit includes, Shirt, Hat, 10 txt books and 10 copies of Concealed Carry magazine along with training aids and e-learning)

This class is for those wanting to become a USCCA Instructor, who have a strong desire to help people become responsibly armed, by completing an introduction to the classroom environment through the online class, and then attending the two-day class with a USCCA Training Counselor.  This class will consist of some lecture, but it will be mostly about the Instructor Candidates teaching the class lessons to each other.  Before doing live fire at the range, we will spend some time doing a virtual range for the Instructor Candidates to demonstrate their skill by instructing each other in safe range instructions and safe shooting environments. This class is not for newer shooters. You must have experience and be proficient with a handgun. 



 What You Will Need

1. Firearm (minimum of 9mm)

2. 100 Rounds of Ammo

3. 2-Magazines

4. Hearing and Eye Protection

5. Baseball Hat, Closed Toe Shoes

6. Completion of all E- Learning

7. Drivers License or State ID

8. Be Willing to Learn and Join In



 We will provide lunch and beverages.