AR-15    103 Course


This is the most advanced class of the three AR-15 Classes offered at Defensive Shooting Skill. During this class students put all they have learned in the 101-102 class to practical use. This is where students will put to use all they equipment they have acquired. This is the class where the quote rubber meets the road.


Course Expectations:

More Drills

• Training and more Training

• More Shooting from a Standing and Kneeling position

• Dealing with Malfunctions

• Going from Pistol to Rifle

• Shooting while Moving

• 100 live rounds used

And more Training

Class Costs, Needs and Equipment:

• Rifle which is already Zeroed

• Optics are Recommended

• 100 + rounds of live ammo

• Sling of your choice

• 4 mags and a way to carry 3 (mag pouch)

• Eye Protection

• Ear Protection

• Proper Clothing for Class (non-slip preferred)

Optional Recommended Gear:


• Kneepads

• Tactical Flashlight


This class is for you to train with what you have and what you would use. Do not feel that you have to purchase anything special for this class as far as optics for your AR platform. Some of this class will be performed using low lite conditions.