Defensive Shooting Skills Instructor Team

Ericka - Owner, USCCA, MCRGO and NRA Certified Instructor

I was born and raised here in West Michigan and spent my summers at Baptist Lake just North of Grand Rapids, I have been married for 18 years and have a daughter that everyone says looks just like me. I liked shooting growing up, but never had much of a chance to do so until I meet my husband. His passion for shooting rubbed off on me and the rest was history. I started Defensive Shooting skills because I noticed there were not very many female instructors and much fewer female owners in the firearms industry. I am a graduate from Grand Rapids Christian and went to college at MSU where I got my bachelor's degree in City Planning along with an Associate degree in Art from GRCC. I don't have a colourful past like the others but do share their passion for supporting the Second Amendment and fully believe people have a God Given Right to Protect Themselves.

Current Member and Instructor for USCCA, NRA, MCRGO and Glock Shooting Sports Foundation.

Jeff -  NRA, MCRGO and USCCA Certified Instructor and Training Counselor ( ret)

I have been involved in shooting and reloading since I was a kid. I grew up just South of Kansas City Missouri and came to Michigan to fill in as a Private Investigator where I met my wife the second day I was here. I have been in Michigan for 20 years and married for 19 wonderful years to my wife and we have been Blessed with a 15-year-old daughter. As for my past experience served in the ARMY. I have worked as a Fugitive Recovery Agent across the country. I have been a Licensed Private Investigator in 10 states, and I Formerly worked as the Client Services Director for a Non-For-Profit Organization Defender Rescue, which preforms Human Trafficking Education, Investigations and Rescue. I have also owned and been a partner in two security companies and specialize in setting up church security teams to include firearms training along with policy and procedures.

Current member of USCCA, NRA, MCRGO, IDPA USPSA, Steel Challenge, Blind Squirrel Shooting Team and Glock Shooting Sports Foundation.

My current certifications include USCCA Training Counselor and Instructor, NRA and MCRGO Certified Firearms Instructor, Personal Protection in The Home, Personal Protection Outside the Home, Refuse To Be A Victim, Basic Pistol Certification, Home Firearms Safety, Range Safety Officer, Trauma First Aid, Defensive Shooting Concepts, Emergency Preparedness fundamentals, Countering Mass or Active Shooter Situations, Women's Handgun and Self Défense Fundamentals instructor.  

I believe it is the responsibility of the individual to make sure His / Her family is safe and that we have the God given Right to do so. I also fully believe that it is the individual's responsibility to make sure all firearms are handled and stored safely.

Mike Visser - NRA Instructor and Training Counselor

Mike learned to shoot as a young boy when his dad took him and an old .22 to a sand dune behind his aunt and uncle’s house. Mike was hooked and the two made shooting and gun collecting their shared hobby and remains a bond between them today.

Following his passion, Mike changed career paths and became an NRA Instructor and an NRA Appointed Training Counselor with 17 and 13 years respectively.

Mike has trained celebrities in the safe handling and proper technique to create a believable performance in movies filmed in Grand Rapids including Gun with Chris Kline and Adam Rodriguez.

Mike shot competitively for 14 years and has a multitude of first-place ribbons to show for it. Competitive shooting earned him a 3 Division Master in IDPA.

With his patient demeanor and high level of experience, Mike can teach anyone to shoot properly (even his own wife and kids).

Mike is also captain of the Blind Squirrel Shooting Team. 

Chris - USCCA and NRA Instructor

Chris Hollis at one time was the youngest NRA instructor in the state of Michigan. Chris has been teaching NRA classes, and Military classes for small arms, as well as developing custom since 2005.

With 8 years in the Marine Corps infantry. A combat tour to Iraq and dozens of state and local shooting matches, Chris has always been an asset to any students in his class. With his experience in multi gun, IDPA, USPSA, NRA High-power, F class, along with other local shooting sports. Chris has also been a guest video instructor for the USCCA, and has done training videos as well as private instruction for private security groups.

Chris is currently serving in the Michigan Army National Guard and is a Governor Cup winner for the State of Michigan, He also manages a local real estate company. He is the founder of Team Hollis, Hollis Flags and regularly assists local and US based security companies.