AR-15    102 Course



This is the next step after the AR-101 basic class. This class is designed to help the student become more proficient with the AR platform and get them ready for the advanced class. To take this class you must have taken the AR-101 class.

Course Details:

• Discussing different type and styles of equipment and accessories for the AR-15

• Discuss and practice clearing the rifle

• Discuss and Practice Shooting from a covered position

• Discussing and practicing different types of reloads

What you will need for this class:

100 Rounds (.223/5.56/.308/7.62)

• 4 Mags (20 or 30 rounders’)

• Rifle (5.56 AR-15 M4)

• Eye Protection

• Ear Protection

• Dress for the class

• Cost $75 paid in full at sign up ($25 is nonrefundable nontransferable)

Optional Gear (Recommended):

• Gloves

• Knee pads

This class covers different type of gear and allows the students to see different equipment up close and learn what gear will work/not work for the 103 and upcoming 104 rifle/pistol combo course.

During the range portion of this class students will be challenged with two different types of reloads, multiple types of shooting drills, dealing with malfunctions, shooting from a standing and kneeling position and from different types of cover.