At what age do we start teaching out kids about guns. This is a debate that could go on forever. The thing is most accidental shootings involving kids happen because the kids stumble across mom or dad's gun and are curious.

I personally started teaching my kid about firearms at a young age and she was shooting with my help at the age of 6. I know a lot of people are going to go OMG, but she has also been taught to respect firearms for what they are and what they can do. She know not to touch a gun without me being there. This is mostly if she is at a friends house or if someone has a firearms with out an adult. She knows to leave and come get me or another adult.

Not only is our responsibility to teach out kids to respect these tools, but it is our responsibility to have them safe and secure where they can not be accessed by kids. If you have kids a nightstand a dresser or the closet is not the place for your firearm. If you are going to accept the responsibility of owning a firearm then you need to take the responsibility to store it safely and correctly. Spend the $40.00 dollars for a small gun vault or store it in a safe. Remember to all the gun owners out there RESPONSIBILITY BEGINS WITH YOU.

I have attached a video of a young child shooting competition. If this were my daughter I would be so proud. Now that she is 10 its time to start training.

Little Girl Shoots Glock 9mm

Here's Faith shooting the Glock 34 (9mm) for the first time. In this video she talks about how she prepared and what she thought after shooting it. Hope you enjoy the video.