Constitutional Carry

So how many people are for Constitutional Carry in the State of Michigan. I'm hearing people say they are for and I'm hearing them say they are against. I can see the rationality on both sides of the debate.

On the for side. It is your Constitutional right to bear arms and this right shale not be infringed. This seems to be the argument on the for side.

On the against side. I'm hearing this will give the bad guys the rite to carry concealed. Also hearing that with CPL License the way they are now means people have to go through training to be able to carry concealed.

My thought are it is the right of every American Citizen the right to bear arms. I believe that if it were a Constitutional Carry state crime would still stay low. People will still need a CPL license if they want to carry outside the state of Michigan. It is an open carry state now and you don't have to have any special training for that.

Let me hear your thoughts.