The Red, White and Blue and the National Anthem

Defensive Shooting Skills·Tuesday, September 13, 2016
I can’t believe we now live in a society where the Old Glory is beginning to become a symbol for bad rather a symbol for good. I hear people talk about the American Flag is a symbol of oppression, hatred, racism. Wow, I never thought I would see that day. It saddens me when I hear people say the American flag or the Betsy Ross flag are a flag of White supremacy.
The fact is there could be nothing further than the truth. The Betsy Ross flag with its 13 stars in a circle was a symbol of the 13 colonies that were fighting Tyranny for the very life of this Country. We were in a battle against Brittan and highly out numbered. During this time we had the Militia and the Regulated Militia. The Regulated Militia was what would be known today as our Military. Then the basic Militia, these were the farmers and everyday people that stood with the Regulated Militia to fight against Brittan. Because of this the Second Amendment was written as it was. It reads “ A well regulated Militia , being necessary to the security of a free State”. This is basically saying it was the governments responsibility to protect us from other countries and protect new freedoms. It then goes on to say “ the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, Shall not be infringed”. This is the right of the people to keep and bear arms. We had just gotten out of a war against a Tyrannical government and our forefathers wanted the people to have the ability to defend themselves again if need be against all enemy's foreign or domestic.
Getting back to the subject, LOL, of the flag no matter what, it is always has been and always will be a symbol of freedom. not oppression or racism. Back in the days of our forefathers yes there were slaves, but it was of all races not just the black race. Get ready for this one, there were even white slaves in Virginia. Ready for another one, there were an estimated 3775 black slave owners in the South that owned an estimated 12,470 slaves. Most were former slaves themselves that found that owning slaves could raise their social and profit status. William Ellison Jr was a black man, once a slave himself when freed became a slave owner. He owned more slaves than anyone in the south. He one of the wealthiest slave and property owners in the South when he died in 1865, before his death he owned over 2000 slaves. Source (Wikipedia). The bill of rights said all men were created equal. If we want to get down to it the most in enslaved group of people in the world was the Jews an entire nation was enslaved and is still persecuted today, just because of their race and beliefs.
Look at what we have today, look where we have come from. We are a melting pot of Nationalities, why because of this symbol of freedom we call the American Flag, People come from all over the world to America for a reason, because we have freedoms here they could never have or hope to have where they come from. So instead of bashing Old Glory maybe we should look at her and smile and say Thank You. Thank you for what she really and truly stands for and thank you for all the men and women of all colors and creeds in history that died so the rest of us could have the freedom to protest or speak our minds.
As for the National Anthem I am going to put a post up as to where it came from on my site. I challenge you to watch it and then say it is a song of racism and hatred.
Did anyone ever stop to think that maybe there are groups of people that want to destroy us and have been trying to for years with no luck, but now have figured that the only way to do so was to tear us apart from the inside. To again turn brother against brother, friend against friend and race against race. Lets all just take a minute and remember we are all members of the Human race. We are all mothers, fathers, sons , daughters, brother and sisters of someone else.
Everyone has their right to speak how they feel and I respect that, but just don’t disrespect me for stating how I feel or believe.
As for me and my family we love our flag, we love our country and we love the Lord our God. We will always stand for freedom and will stand for our beliefs and always, and I mean always stand with Israel.
God Bless us all.
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