This isnt the America I knew!

Its seems this country is becoming more and more separated. I don't think its been this bad since the Civil War. It scars me that's where were heading again. We use to be a country that respected others beliefs and differences, but now this has changed. It use to be that we were Left or Right now it seem like its Freedom or Socialism. Our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves if they could see what has happened to this Great Republic.

It saddens me to see that people cant even enjoy a dinner out without being mobbed, not because they are a celebrity, but because they have a different belief that someone else. Its was terrible that Ted Cruz and his wife were forced out of a restaurant while trying to have dinner. What are we coming to what happened to our respect for each other.

Here is a question that people need to ask themselves if America is not great, then why is everyone from other countries trying to come here? If Capitalism is bad, then why has a lot of the European and Asian nations starting to embrace it. The sad thing is as they embrace Capitalism here at the United States were trying to get rid of it.

Why would anyone want Socialism or total government control. I guess we have become so lazy that we want everything given to us. Actually I should change the want to entitled to it. The thing is the money has to come from somewhere. There is only so much of it out there. I hear people all the time say the government should give it to us. Well where do they think the money is going to come from. I will give those that don't know where its going to come from a hint. IT's YOU that's were its going to come from. One of the problems with this is it creates a society of haves and have nots. Food, water, electricity and all others things that we take for granted in our day to day lives will be rationed. Imagine that its January and you have no gas or heat because you have used your monthly allowance.

The democratic party calls themselves the party of tolerance. Well that is true as long as you believe they way they believe or the way they tell you to believe.

I will admit I did not vote for Obama, but when he won I did not throw a fit and tear people and their property down. Its crazy that you see this happening on TV. When you watch the news and they say they are biases, but do not agree with anything or President or Leader have to say or do. When Obama won we may not have liked it, but did not burn my own home to the ground. Its just crazy to me to see what's happening in America today.