What are we coming to!

Its Crazy when we watch the news today. So many worthless killings. The main stream media tries to blame guns. When in fact the major cities where this all seems to be happening have the most strict gun laws on the books. The problem is the laws we do have are not being enforced. When the lady that was shoot in Chicago just a cpl days ago. The two guys who shoot her just got out of prison on parole two weeks earlier. They were multiple offenders who should have never been let out on our streets. This is why everyday citizens what to take up arm to protect them selves. Also isn't it funny how in California the State House and Senate pass a law making them exempt from the state gun laws. Its funny how all these quote important people want to be or are protected by people with guns, but they don't want us to be able to protect ourselves with guns. These are things that should make us question WHAT ARE WE COMING TO! Let me know your thoughts.