What has America come to.

Wow what an era we live in. Do we all remember the saying the good old days. I never thought I would hear myself saying that, but here I am saying it. What has America come to. Its almost unrecognizable. I have never seen so much fighting amongst our selves. The left preaches tolerance, but seems like they are the least tolerant. The right preaches smaller government, but do nothing to correct that. It seems that they are all just out for self. Its sad that it took a tragedy like two major Hurricanes to get the left and right to work together. There seems to be more divide in America than I can ever remember seeing. We need to remember that in the end we are all Americans and we should apologize to anyone for that.

America is the greatest country in the World. I don't see people trying to sneak into any other country like they are our Great Nation. People take for granted what they have here. Go visit a third world country then gripe and complain about what you have. Live in a Socialist or Communist country where everything you work hard for is taken away from you and given to others or giving to the government to do with what they like. Remember our Forefathers guaranteed us the right to chase happiness not have the government provide for us. Remember nothing in life is free its has to come somewhere.

Its time we break down barriers between the left and right and become one country under God.

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